Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sole Ache...

Lately I have been experiencing sole aches. I am referring to feet and not legs. Wonder if any of you have any remedy for this? What can be the reason?

1) Incorrect Shoes? (I am using my regular shoes)
2) Put on weight ?
3) Deficiency ?


  1. I have this ache for more than a year and It does not seem to become less.. I have taken two courses of VIT D but not much use..
    Doc says it will stop as it started if it has wait and watch..
    My first step when I get up after sitting or sleeping are rather painful and then is pain when I press certain points on my sole.

  2. Hey i used to get that too. Then shifted to soft shoes of doc scholls. Then mine stopped. Still if i use shoes and they are hard then i get the pain. Its on the heel lower side


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