Thursday, 24 July 2014

Shravan maas....

Can each one of you share your memory of Shravan, your opinion and if there are any questions pertaining to what is this Shravan all about?


  1. Oooh ! I have lots of memories associated with Shravan. At my moms place Shravan was a very important month - we were completely vegetarian during that entire month. The Shravan was bought in first by celebrating GATARI - for all those who do not know what it is - on the day prior to Shravan Starts - non-veg is cooked- mutton - chicken and fish. The entire family gets together (all mamas - moushis - cousins etc.) and relish the non-veg food. It was more fun to us because there was a lot of Hallaboo with all cousins meeting. all the ladies had a good time cooking together.
    Shravan had a lot of Dharmik functions - and almost every alternate day - it was some important day - like Naagpanchami - Shravni Somwar - Raksha Bandhan - Gokulashtami etc. also Every friday there was haldi kumkum as someones place or the other. On Shravni Mondays we would have an early dinner - at around 7.00 p.m. Those days all govt offices worked half days on Shravni Mondays. Sweets would be cooked on most of these festive days - though they were simple - but they were day specific. It was great fun. Due to the variety of food cooked during that month - we never craved for non-veg. To observe a vegetarian diet was something everyone was proud about.
    Later when I became a part of the Kelekar family - for the first year I tried having a vegetarian diet for a month - but it started becoming a bit inconvenient.
    though I have compromised on the veg-non-veg part - I still observe the festive days.
    Due to office and work commitments there are some adjustments - but I haven't given up. The Gokulashtami pooja at our house every year is the Hi-point. Generally it is Varoon who performs it.

  2. Thanks Pratima .. Thanks for this lovely piece you have written.
    Why don't you write the menu for the specific days if possible so that we too can try to incorporate them into our daily menu.
    I have absolutely no idea of what rituals are followed and what food is made on which days ..
    so Madhavi and Pratima. try to tell us everything what you know about the days and the food eaten on those days ..
    It will be better if you make a separate post on each day so that we don't have to read the comments and go directly on the post.


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