Thursday, 3 July 2014

School Bell Rings...

It is of schools and I am back to school :) This time to teach :) I joined NGO school here in Aundh Pune. This is my second year. This school is maintained by  Zilla Parishad for the kids of "hardworkers" in literal sense. Here you have kids of maids, rag pickers, auto drivers, bhangar waalas and so on....
I will be going there on Saturdays only - first half. We teach these children absolute basic things like numbers, alphabets, writing name in English and so on...
This world is so different - I may not be able to express it in words. Their requirements, wishes, hopes are so basic...their pain is so different but their smile is unique too.....perhaps much genuine than ours !!

They look upto you with so much twinkle in the fail to notice the their torn uniforms (so called), slippers and tattered bags....oiled but unkempt hair....

They are so naive and unaware of their future...or perhaps they know their future!!


  1. Madhavi,
    You have written this so well .. Please share with us more of your experience at this NGO .. tell us how they see the world from their eyes.
    We sometimes take the things that we have for granted , but coming in touch with reality shakes you up right??

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  3. Great going Madhavi...... If there are teachers like you, I am pretty sure, kids will be motivated to go to school and in turn their future will be better. :)

  4. Thanks girls...but I donno how much we will really be able to impact. At this point in time, it feels we have just scratched the surface..


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