Thursday, 31 July 2014


It has been pouring since yesterday.. I had a very busy day yesterday and so could not do justice to the weather..

For me rainy season is a perfect season to be at home and to enjoy the indoors. Feel cozy; relish a hot cup of tea and a little time to do what you enjoy doing which is not your routine but, just some “me time” for yourself.

Get up and get those precious moments. Enjoy the rains and the serene feel that it brings with it.

 photo 169095DD-2EA3-4FD4-8AD3-02057BE9B1F0_zpsb00dx7ph.jpg

If I am given a choice and if I am alone, I would love to light some scented candles..


 And sit with a book read or write something 

or just listen to music (old Hindi songs)

 while I watch the rain dropping down.


What is your idea of a perfect rainy day at home? .



  1. Beautiful pics Reshma Bhabhi....took instant fancy to idea of cosy-ing up on a rainy day:) My idea of spending rainy day at home would be to catch up on missed movies at home, adrak waali chai, bhajjis (will love if someone else would do it for me), for that matter..anything garma garam...and if feasible tuck in bed under comfy rug listening to pitter patter of rain drops...I can watch rain with as much freshness as much as what I feel when I get drenched in it :)

  2. My answer will be ditto of Madhavi's......its great to catchup on movies with some garam garam coffee and pakodos or popcorn.


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