Friday, 4 July 2014


Here is the day 4 question for you girls...

4. When you enter a room full of strangers, what is it that makes you instantly like someone in the room?

I am sure that there are certain traits that we appreciate in others.....
Someone who is similar to us or someone who may be so different from our own personality that it makes us wants to know that person better.

You can write as many traits as you like and you can write the person who you think of at that moment.


  1. When I enter a room full of strangers , I seriously feel a stranger myself . I cannot make friends easily . I take a long while to like someone . But to answer this question I will say it is usually the sense of dressing that I will consider. Having said that if I enter this same room the next day I may not connect with this person again. Hmm it is just this way for me

  2. Very tricky question.....been really thinking on this....

    I guess I will look around for a warm and comfortable smile...I will consider that person...(I can very well make out the difference between warm and cunning smile....loll :) )

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh God.....what a situation to be in? I think I will not even go for such a event. As it is in Goa, such situations will never arise. What say Deepa?


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