Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Here is my question for the day and for your Journal

22:   If you see a gift on your table, with your name on it ,what would you hope it would be??
        Will that always be your gift of choice or it depends on that day and moment?


  1. It depends who is gifting you. As expectations are normally associated with closeness to the person , so if it somebody close even if you do not like it u can ask for an exchange.

  2. A gift is a gift and I will accept the gift. I do not exchange or return the gift. They are accepted just the way they are given.
    (I know many would call this stupid perhaps - but I do not exchange them)

  3. I'll take a little liberty and be a bit outspoken on this subject. Getting a gift is always a joy - I have treasured so many of my gifts received. I still have the broken bangle that my mama bought for me when I was in std seven. But today I am a little apprehensive. I totally respect the feelings of the person who has gifted me something, I also realise and appreciate that the giver has taken some time to think and taken the pains to go and buy something for me - but tell me what do you do with so many gifts that you receive? And the gifts that we receive don't come cheap - I really really feel bad if I am not able to use the gift given to me.

  4. Perhaps I do not receive as many gifts :) Jokes apart....and at the risk of being mocked (but being totally honest) - I distribute the excess gifts that I know I am not going to use to someone absolutely needy.

    Let me give an example here. One of my colleague (not so well to do) gifted me with a sari on my bday. It was a sari I would not have bought myself or worn regularly. But I got it fall-pico beaded and wore it once for Ganapati at home (Sweta may recollect this purple plain sari). I must have worn it for perhaps two hours and that's about it. Next I gave that sari to my bai and she happily used the nicely fall pico saree. Now, I never went to show this to my colleague that "look I wore what you gave me", but I used it as I know this lady and the thoughts with which she had gifted this to me. At the same time - i felt justice was done to it.
    I have many a times given such extra stuff to street side people, sometimes completely new but I know I wont need it. You have no idea what immense pleasure they get as they perhaps might have never thought of this in their wildest dreams.
    Generally I use what is gifted to me - and if it is not certainly something I will wear or use (like I will never wear BRIGHT BHADAK dress or Silver coated glasses or BAATIK PILLOW COVERS, I gift it to NEEDY.

    I follow one rule while gifting: Whatever I am gifting to someone, would I like to receive it? If answer is YES, I will buy such gifts for others. But when I receive gifts that I may not use, you can always give it to someone in NEED of it. Emphasis is on NEEDY people.

  5. Absolutely true Madhavi, but how many gifts are u going to pass on? And how do u pass on gifts that are u know quite expensive? A saree which u passed on May not have been expensive since u said it was from a not so well to do friend ( from our point of view) but what do u do when u know it is an expensive one and really Bhadak. Secondly for us it was no use but what abt the one who gave it to us? It must have pinched his pocket.

  6. Gifts...wow love to give as well as receive.First n foremost I make it a point to THANK the person and let them know that it meant a lot.I have made it a point at home too.....pls call up that person and thank him or her
    Usally most of the gifts r put to use but some which r repeats or which I know wll not be of any use r passed on to d less fortunate section and as Madhavi said they love it since its the quality they don't land up buying

  7. Omg looks like you all receive lot of gifts ....
    Happy Spreading the joy of giving. ....
    Keep the good work.

  8. Gifts anytime is woth appreciating.In todays time where job and responsibilities often keeps one busy enough to think about gifting or planning a surprise to loved ones. Even receiving a small rose or a card is a pleaure.i agree withbhabi and
    madhvi things which r not of much use to us should be given to such people. It will make them happy and in return we receive their blessings.

  9. Gifts are some thing that I always look forward to and mostly when my near ones gift me they gift me what I want. But if I do get something I didnt really like and is of no use to me then I will either exchange it or pass it on to someone who will make justice to it.

  10. Gifts according to me are given because you want to give them , or because you have to give them..
    A gift given from the heart is a real gift , and it may be just about anything as little as doing a small gesture or just a little something that they give because you love it.
    Gift someone the thing that he or she likes and not what you like and I feel that is what makes the gift special.
    I completely agree with Madhavi , its better to give then to let it lie around to someone who will use it well and feel happy to receive it.


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