Saturday, 12 July 2014


 “Don't cry over spilled milk”

― Benjamin Franklin

Over the years each one of  us must have heard this phrase or quote being repeated .

Its very true that its no point in thinking over the things or talking about things that are long gone ..

But if the milk is spilled by someone else and if we have to face the brunt of the consequences .
How would you handle such a situation??

can you FORGIVE AND FORGET.. the deed not committed by you which has affected you in some way or the other.

SERIOUS QUESTION GIRLS ... I thought about this when I read an article in a book dealing with changing or creating your own life.


  1. I am very clear on this question - If I have understood the reason behind why/how the milk the spilled by someone else for me and if it was indirect hit at me - I can forgive and forget. But if it has hit me hard enough, then NO reasoning works :) I will NOT forget, let alone forgiving :)

  2. If I have suffered because of someone, then I am neither going to forget or forgive.

  3. It is obvious that when someone hurts you, your immediate reaction is to strike back. But trust me, just stay cool - allow the anger and hurt to settle down, you will realise that it is absolutely not worth lashing back. You will only cause more anguish for yourself.

  4. Wow Bhabi well said... I get annoyed with people when they hurt I do not forget nor forgive . But I avoid confrontations as far as possible I would keep a safe distance from that person . Katkat ani naka...


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