Thursday, 12 June 2014

Vat Savitri....

Today is Vat many of you believe in this concept? Do you follow any ritual on this day? For those who may not know Vat Savitri it is best explained as Marathi version of Karwa Chauth :) (I am sure Karwa Chauth is so used in movies that bacchha bacchha jaanta )

You all must have heard the famous joke...young ladies were performing pujas and "praying agle saath janam muzhe yehi pati mile". An old wise lady sitting around said....kabhi pati se pucha hai ki kya usse agle saath janam wohi patni chahiye?? hehehehhehe


  1. Interesting topic Madhavi, will definitely comment, but u girlz will just have to wait. Going to Dapoli now - no net there. Till then let us have ur views.

  2. Here is my take on this. As I was toId by my grandma and my mother. Vat Savitri or Wad Poornima is celebrated on poornima of Jesht month. On this day, women ask for the well-being of their husbands and families. There is peepal puja done and ladies fast. They tie thread to Wad/Peepal tree and take seven rounds around it. Saath janami mala haach navra laabho!
    The story I was told is Savitri lost her husband Satyavan. Yama came to take his soul. She refused to part with it. He tried to convince a lot and gave her theories but she stood adamant. So Yama finally granted her boon in return of soul. She thought a lot and finally asked for her children as boon. Yama granted it. But then she said how will she have children without Satyavan? And hence he was speechless and had to return his soul back. That is how the smart Savitri got her husband back. Her wit and persistence won.
    Now coming to today's version. You can very well say why to fast and do all this show just to prove that you care for your husbands well being and love him? U can help him day on day and stand with him like a rock support, is that not love? You give him all that he seeks 365 days a year than why do you need to fast on this one particular day and do all this fiasco?
    But I am not of that opinion. In addition to practical support and walking shoulder to shoulder with him, I also believe in fasting, doing this puja and praying for his well being and that of my family. You may take it as show off if you want, but it gives me pleasure and I seek it. In fact my husband never believes in any such legend or theories of God, Pujapaath and rituals. But I believe because they were demonstrated to me beautifully that it left positive impact on my mind. I do this without hurting sentiments and not forcing this on anyone. i believe in what I do and I am happy about it.
    I must say that last 16 years of my marriage I might have not done this puja every year as I may be travelling for work or something. But as much as I remember, I have fasted. My husband may not even know of this and like the joke goes I dont ask him for next 7 janams. I just pray for his well being and that of my family in this lifetime. It is for my own good at the end of it :)

  3. Wow Madhavi nice to hear about this , we in Goa normally do not follow this vat purnima ritual in most families. So have never given any thought to this.

  4. Madhavi - vat pornima upaas is a must for every married woman in a Maharashtrian family. You and me have both been brought up with this and many more like these school of thoughts.
    However during the period of growing up I began to think rationally and would question the creditability of our actions with the stories of the puranas. Upaas never suited me - but I have faithfully prayed for the well-being of my husband and our entire family. As you rightly said - it is after all for our own good - a bit of a selfish motive.

  5. Agree Bhabhi...infact it will be interesting sometimes to sit an log all the traditions we saw as kids. I am sure we are missing out on many of those now. Some we ourselves might have overlooked as it doesnt make sense to us, some we might believe in but may not have had the time to follow and some we surely feel should be carried forward as traditions to next generation but with touch of modernity.


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