Monday, 16 June 2014

Think Tank..When you say you are busy are U? :)

Think Tank are those questions that you need to answer yourself. It is like reality check. So when you say I soo wanted to you know....but I was very busy!!! How busy were you really ?? 


  1. Its more about priorities. You cannot do all that you want to do or are expected to do. So you have to select one thing over the other. Or rather sacrifice one at the expense of the other. It is exactly here that we say that I am busy and have no time.
    Sometimes you have to stretch yourself a little further and come out of your comfort zone and manage to do it all.
    There are other times - when you really want to do something but you are so drained out of energy that inspite of your desire you are not able to do it.
    But I know two very dear persons who seem to do it all - and am really amazed by their energy levels - any guesses ? Vidya and Sweta. Three cheers for them.

  2. Many a times I am in that dilemma - need to choose one activity over other. Mainly because I am crunched for the time. But I have seen many people who "pretend" to be busy! Perhaps their priority is to relax over a task. I am referring to an office scene. Someone will look hurriedly at watch and say "Oh I have so much to do yet - very busy time to breath!! So one wud expect this person to be buried in work, trying to get the work done. But interestingly 5 min later you see them at coffee machine chit hi-5's and general gappa tappa types. When asked abt being busy....pat comes the reply "What to tell you...I am neck deep in work ya..just taking a min to breath :) :) :)

    Coming to energy levels, I agree with your choices Bhabhi. I can vouch for Sweta's energy level!!! Come rain or winter...she will never miss her gym. Perhaps that is the secret behind the energy. You will always find her happy go lucky..managing work..home..kid and social circle!! She will attend late dinners but never be late for her workout in morning. You can see her play with kids and I can confidently say almost every evening she is out either at the beach..park...daughter's activity..swimming pool..or some event. Amazing energy for her 2nd love...Caesar....her pet..her dog. Unfailingly she will go to bathe him and also actively involved in PAWS activities - Extremely good with arrangements, her enthu for picnics, outings is contagious :) She is boost of energy in the family :) Three cheers to these and all the ladies who really push the envelop in their own way !

  3. Fully agree about Sweta , it is amazing how well she ll acomplish what she undertakes . Cheers to her

  4. Yep, Madhavi, There are so many who say - I am soooo busy, may be they really are - but sometimes I wonder what are they exactly doing that makes them say that they are BUSY.
    The working style in India is a topic of discussion by itself. It really amazes me how work really gets done. I can really talk for hours and amuse you guys with the working situations I have witnessed. Passport office, Banks, doctors clinic etc etc. I can really really enact an Ekpatri Prayog on it. Truly Hilarious.!!

  5. Wow....i am on cloud nine. Not used to so many compliments...anyways thank u. But frankly speaking, for me all this is possible as i dont have a job to do. This is my job and just the way you people enjoy and are committed to your job, so am I. If u enjoy something, you will never come out with excuses to avoid it and I enjoy everything I do. But if you ask me, I look up to Madhavi and Pratima bhabhi to the way they execute their day to day duties. They have excelled in their professions plus they single handedly manage their home and kids. I have seen Madhavi working late at night, then getting up at 5.30, again working....then cooking (without any help)....then office....back home at 7 and then taking us out for a drive or shopping...and all this for a whole week and still always looked fresh. This is energy. Similar things I have seen Pratima Bhabhi doing. Hatss off to ladies like you.


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