Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The first GREY hair

Hello Senoritas...I wanted to know how you ladies reacted to the first grey hair. I spotted my first grey hair last week and I was really pissed off. Agreeded we are aging and this was expected sooner or later but somehow i wasnt prepared. I am already thinking of hair colouring option.


  1. Hehehe..I am sure we all react to this rather adversely :) I spotted mine 5 years back..lol :) I don't remember my exact reaction but iI clearly recollect which section it was and surely moved something :) By now I am all settled on Mehndi and coloring and it doesn't bother me now :)

  2. Sweta , just chill. Its just first of the many more to come. But in todays age - it is by no means to worry about - with all the parlour treatments, they are gone in a Jiffy.
    But the only worry is that - if you have an important function comming up no matter what you have to make time to go for a touch up and that is really bothersome.
    But colour your hair - you must.

  3. I have little different take on this sometimes I like to show my greys as a sign of maturity in fact I sometimes like to show my age rather then hide it. I do colour my hair as when I feel like as my grey strands are very visible .
    I think there will be very few takers for this thought though.

  4. Dips, that is indeed different take and I appreciate your angle. Very few will think on your lines but it is very genuine thought..keep up gal!


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