Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sustain a good Habit....

Going back to my previous post where I had questioned, when we say we are busy...HOW BUSY ARE WE REALLY? Here is the next question is line to the prior.

How well do you SUSTAIN? How regular are you at the tasks you start??

Has it happened to you before that you start something with bang bang and with lot of determination and in few weeks or perhaps few days you see ...pooffffff.....the motivation vanish ?? Familiar situation na?
Have you done something about it? What in your opinion will help one SUSTAIN a good HABIT?


  1. Absolute determination, sheer will power and ability to sustain peer pressure or rather family pressure will only help you achieve your goals. Many a times I do start on a task but am deterred easily by remarks which have a negative effect. The only way we can push ourselves and swim against the current is to have that one person in our mind who has achieved or is persistent in his or her job.
    Luckily for us we have so many elders on our family itself who are good examples od doing things persistently.

  2. I totally agree with Pratima on this.. Life brings about lots of challenges and you have stick to your goals and aspirations to achieve what you want to.
    A little weakness makes others pull you away from your focus and then there is no turning back.
    Try to achieve your goal keeping in mind the happiness of people closest to you which makes these goals worth achieving.

  3. My question still persists.....Have YOU done that? I still don't find that working for me. For example, if i have to start my walk or Yoga...I just cant get to start it. Well, I can make time for it....i can easily make half an hour regime in morning...but sheer procrastination keeps me away. I have thought of many people who have achieved it and how fitness has helped them stay fit. Take example near home...Sweta is so sincere with gym....i appreciate her but I cant get myself to do it.
    So I feel that yes, thinking of all we admire and thinking of happiness of my own...let alone of others...I am still not hitting the tracks...what is missing?
    I understand I NEED to do it, I know it is GOOD for my own health, I agree and see others benefiting out of it....I am excited to look fit....but I don't do it in-spite of is this sheer laziness? And exactly my to beat it? Have you done it?


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