Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday v/s Weekday

Hey Pratima bhabhi has a very interesting question...since she has put that under comment I started a new thread with the same question. <You can always click "New Post" on extreme top right hand side corner and post a new thread>.

So bhabhi says she hates waking up late on Sunday as she feels part of her holiday is lost and obviously we all hate to wake up early on weekdays but errands force us too :(
My take on this is that I deliberately sleep late on Sunday. I don recollect a Sunday where I might have woken up before 9am unless I have guests or I am travelling. But when at home I definitely sleep till late to make up for all weekday early rises :) Sundays is lazy day for me...I loveeee it that way. I will not keep any hectic activity like outing, picnic on Sunday as I want to relax, have long bathtime...late "Brunch"..cook something different than the weekday and generally stay in the comfort of my home. The balance days of the week I have to go out to this one day I really enjoy BEING HOME. I will ensure I do not do any chore that I otherwise do on the balance days of the week. Hence Sunday begins late but i love it that way :) If you can spend that day to your benefit...I guess it is holiday well enjoyed...what do you all say??

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