Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Remarrying a better option for Widower?

Recently our fellow club member who was a windower remarried. After which there was quite a buzz in the social circle. Some in favour, some against. His wife had expired all of a sudden (massive heartattack) more then a year back.....maybe even 2 yrs back and his only daughter is married off. Personally speaking I felt what he did was right. He was all alone and possibly, he needed company. Secondly, he has married someone from his age group and with similar background and so they will have a better understanding. Whats your take ladies?


  1. I totally agree with your opinion Sweta. Every person has the right to choose how he/she wants to live his/her life. I appreciate the MAN had the clean heart to stand up and announce that he has chosen his life partner. I am sure he has given another person (his wife now) who must been in similar phase a reason to work out her life too. They have legally and morally safeguarded their relation!! By this, he is no way insulting the departed soul of his wife. Salute the attitude!!

    Just because he is not in so called "marriageable" age (perhaps 55-65 since you said he has married off his daughter) does not mean he does not have a right to companionship. Beyond a certain age..marriage has more beautiful meaning than just physical aspect. I believe marriage turns more meaningful in later years as you know each other very well and your needs are more emotional and that of togetherness rather than sexual or social needs. That is my take.

  2. You know something - it seems odd now - but during my earlier years of marraige - I thought that we were the only couple who had an immense love for each other. I know it sounds a bit prude - but seriously that was what i believed - until a few years ago when we had a few elder couples at Dapoli over for weekend - during the course of discussions I casually asked them "If you were to sing one song for your spouse which one would you sing?" and believe me each one of them came up with a very romantic song and they literally meant it. One thing led to another and I realised that whether it is love marraige or arranged marraige - most of the couple loves each other so greatly that they just cannt live without the other. Even for that matter our own Baba (Chandans father) was totally lost when he lost his soul mate - and the difference was visible. So loosing ones spouse at any age is the most unfortunate thing that can happen.
    At every age one needs a partner to share his/her life. Unfortunately our culture is not accomodative to second marraige - especially during the latter part of life. To get over the loss of the loved one and think of remarraige is something that we are not tuned in for.
    But if any one can overcome that bonding and go in for a re-marraige then it is definitely a good thing.
    Even today after 10 years - my mother has not come out of mourning. She misses my father every minute. I feel very sorry for her - She being much much younger than my father has a substantial life to live - but inspite of having us - she is miserable at times - Many a times in these last few years I have really felt - how nice it could have been if like the culture in the west - she could have re-married. I have not dared to put my thoughts into words - because my thoughts to anyone else are like Terrorism.
    If this person has taken this step of re-marraige then it definitely is a good thing.

  3. Hello everyone.... I am new to this blogging so incase of any mistake kindly excuse me.
    Sweta its really nice that a person who went thru so much grief is able to find happiness again. And true its not the physical thing but moreso the companionship that matter . often people feel as is by remarrying they are betraying the memory of their late husband or wife but they too have life beyond their children.


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