Sunday, 15 June 2014

Men can do only one thing at a time and Women never stop talking....

Yes you got that right....I am now reading Allan + Barbara Pease book titled above. I have always liked these theories and its scientific explanation (brain mapping OR hormonal locha..if you say) I have read another famous book "Men are from Mars & Women from Venus by John Gray. Similar funda....they try and tell you the difference between the way Men perceive things and the way Women perceive things. If you have not read any this series.....pls pick one today!!! If you understand the basic brain mapping, I am sure you will start looking at opposite sex with more clarity. You will not fume and get upset on the things men do and you will also understand how they (men) perceive women behaviour. It is like what you say and how they perceive. Very interesting :)

I have also read Why Men dont ask direction and Women cant read Maps...Ill share my take once I am through with this book by the week :) Happy Reading!! 

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  1. Haven't read either of the two books - so wouldn't be able to comment - but going by the title of your post - I would rather say that doing one task at a time is what it should be. It is the only way a job can be done with perfection and in the shortest possible time.


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