Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Have any of you ever written a Journal?? Or a diary? To keep account of important happenings or just about anything that goes on your mind. It can also be a book that will document your travels and things that you have done which were a bit hatkee..

Dork Diaries 3 1/2: How To Dork Your Diary

I was inspired to think of something like this when I came across this book called THE DORK DIARIES which has one question a day for young girls, which is like a diary. It helps them think about some things deeply and I feel makes them understand life a little better.
I loved this book and feel that if each one of us has something like that with us, which has simple but lovely questions which make us think a little more about the LITTLE LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER in our life.
I started out with a set of questions for Madhavi when I visited her place.. Would you all like to start something like that?
 Just buy one notebook or a one day a page diary where you can write your answers and write the year against it.
And when you visit this page in your diary a year or couple of years later you might be having a different answer to the same question.. So wont that be interesting to know what you thought all those years back.
I will be glad to form a question a day.. And we can add the other questions as and when someone else thinks of them..

We will keep the answers private for those who do not want to share and the rest can share their answers.
If you are interested let me know ,we can start writing together from the 1st of July 2014


1.       2 Activities that can keep me busy and happy or hours.
2.      2 people who I look to for wisdom
3.      This week did anyone make you smile and why??
4.      What is your childhood food memory which you miss?
5.      Is there one song that you feel represents a little part of your life?


  1. Thank You Reshma Bhabhi for bringing this important aspect of assessing our own self. I am game for this and Yes from 1st July, we will start the diary. I am very excited about this :)
    All....please give this a thought....it will be beautiful reflection of your own thought process :)

  2. Madhavi as decided .. You will be posting one question all odd dates and I will do one on even dates .. waiting for your quesrion..

  3. Reshma, so very true that so many things evoke so many different and dear memories. For example, the fragrance of mogra takes me back to the pre exam days of 10 th and 12th when I would freshen up with oiled hair tied in nice two plats with a gajra.

  4. wow...nice concept. but i dont think i will able to continue for a long time. so better not to start it.

  5. Sweta, give it a try please...U may like it and just sustain it...try karne mein haez kya hai? :)


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