Tuesday, 10 June 2014


What do you think about Tattoo? Would YOU get inked.......whatever is your stand please elaborate !!


  1. A Very BIG NO. "Daag Ache Hai" is what Surf Excel has got to say but I prefer a "Bedag" Jindagi and that applies for my body too. Even when during school days we played "Jolly" (I hope you girls are aware of this crazy game) I would draw a very small dot on the left corner of my palm - verses some of the girls would have scribblings all over their palms. Even now on Friendship day I encounter a number of teenagers with friendship messages all over both their arms - Just can't stand the sight of it. So it goes with Tattoos for me.
    Well there are times when I have admired a tattoo (on someone else) because it went well with that persons personality and the get-up he/she had worn. Many females ink themselves with small designs at very conspicuous places - well I personally don't find it SEXY as they call it. Priyanka Chopra has inked something like Dads little girl - after she lost her father - Whats the big deal - Its ok yaar - you don't have to tell the whole world abt it. Last month my friends daughter came back from Denmark where she spent a year for a student exchange programme and had this something inked on her ankle - when asked she said it was in Dannish - meaning I am happy. Arrgghh!
    Well - each one to his or her own - Go ahead and do it if you like it - But for me personally - Its NO.
    (I know Madhavi - you want to get inked - please don't let anyone else's views deter you from doing it - Happy Tattoo-ing)

    1. Yes I have been tossing this idea of Tattoo and I do still hold my guns :) Tattoo can be perceived as a daag, fashion statement, "cool" quotient..but it can also be perceived as personal element. Tattoo need not be used nece to show off...but to imprint your belief. It shud be something that shud remind you of positivity everytime you look at it. I am sure there will be a reason behind the design or message one choses unless done as ignorant fashion :)
      Finally when I get down to the design or letters....perhaps I will come back to this space again :)

  2. I don't like tattoos at all. Mainly because i feel it adds no value to our life or personality. It's just a mere style statement to make a point that you are cool. I don't think we should be dependent on any external factor to prove that .

    In fact your style statement should be unique , not a mere dark inked something.

    1. Hello Swapna...first of all warm welcome to the blog :)

      I am sure you will agree that each will have his/her own perspective. Whether it will add value or not, each will decide. So I accept your opinion. Yes Tattoo can be a mere statement as you say just like many try their own statements with specific hair cut..hair do..hair colour..nose rings..kajal..bindi pattern...accessories..branded clothes...so on and so forth...

      Look forward to interesting discussions with you...welcome again:)


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