Monday, 9 June 2014

Hi Girls
Yesterday  &pictures  showcased Aamir Khan 's unreleased film  Chale Chalo ( I will call it documentary  though ) . It showed the making of Lagaan . Right from screen narration to shooting  of scenes , dances etc etc,
What appealed to me about it was the foresight  of Aamir to shoot all this some 10 years ago and  market the same now .
Leaving aside the branding , marketing theories I got to see how seriously and painstakingly our actors and actresses work and endure hardships  during the making of this   epic film . . Be it their very difficult location
,a  different dialect of Hindi , the assimilation of foreign artistes and they speaking Hindi . The most touching part was A K Hangal ' s story , he had a bad fall and could not walk but in spite of it he shot for the film and completed it . cheers .Madhavi do watch it if they show it again as you  are a Aamir  fan.


  1. Ohhhhhhh...I missed that :( I know..I know U told me but I was too engrossed in book. I will surely watch it. And yes, I agree with the painstaking effort they put in and leave the fate of the film to audiences like us who in a minute give verdict on the film and its actors...some guts in entertainment business!!

  2. With the money they are earning, the guts are nothing I would say.


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