Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Princess Remembers...

Read this auto biography of Gayatri Devi. Thanks To Deepa to share this book and the interest generated by her in Jaipur dynasty. It is an awesome read. What a life...what a royalty!!  Lot of shades that we may or may not relate. It is a walk through 1919 to 1975. Good read.


  1. Madhavi you are most welcome. This idea of yours to start is a good connection point for all .

    1. I believe among us Reshma Bhabhi is the only one who is well versed with blogging. She has 3 blogs to her credit. Looking for some expertise here:)

  2. If I am not mistaken, this was the book presented by me to Deepa when she was expecting Juhi and was advised bed rest.
    It is one of my favourite book.
    Good you enjoyed reading it Madhavi . I also enjoy skipping through Hello magazine where they have photographs of the royals in their havelis.
    We had a chance to meet one of the Royal from Kutch. It is amazing that they still follow code of conduct. He had much dignity Amazing.

  3. Hi
    Thanks to Pratima,
    I have read this book not once but twice..
    I love it.. I don't own this book but still love and might buy it to add to my collection.
    Pratima I too love Hello magazine and had subscribed to it for a couple of years...


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