Monday, 27 March 2017

Sunday...actually SUN Day!

I recollect conversation with Pratima Bhabhi about waking up early on Sunday so that you get more of holiday rather than otherwise believed to be the "dhakka start" lazy holiday!

I have come to believe in this. Suddenly Sunday started appearing to be fun-day as there are many things you start doing and realise it is not noon by is finding few more hours in 24 hrs ☺

Try it......☺

Bliss when you cook something to perfection

Interesting Read

"To be Human means you can mold situations you are living in the way you want them. But today most people are molded by  situations in which they exist.

This is simply becos they *live in reaction to situations*they are placed in. The inevitable question is ,
Why was I placed in such a situation?
Was it my destiny?

Whatever we do not want to take responsibility for, whatever we can not make sense of logically, we label it
"Destiny". It's a consoling word but Disempowering..

Peshwa Bajirao

These day I have been watching a serial ( yes...surprising that I am actually watching TV ☺) titled Bajirao Peshwa.
Needless to say the story or theme..I m so so impressed with this that he was!
This is a story of the childhood of Baji....his journey from Baji to Bajirao!
The message ....learning are so so impressive and there is so much to take away from every episode. Not only do you learn about Baji..but also his mother..father..marathi manus and Samrajya! !
I wait impatiently every day for the power packed 30 min session of learning and re-learning.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Nothing is changes..circumstances change..thoughts and beliefs change and so do people change. I have changed..some of my beliefs and principles have changed.

Whether it all happens for good we donno till we see an output either ways. How to decipher this output is tricky. If the person is negative minded..the output will be unfavorable and if the person is positive minded then the belief continues that All Happens For Good.

Our state of mind decides whether the change we see in us has made us a better person  or not? The changes i see in myself are hopefully here to make me happy.

Honestly speaking..

It is so difficult to be honest at times. You may think that by sharing everything you are being honest..but have you given it a thought whether  the person at the receiving end is able to absorb n accept the piece of honesty you u r offering? Does it help the other person knowing it if it is not of relevance to them? like knowing or not knowing that piece of honesty would make no difference to the day to day existence.
So what should one do then? Share or not share?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Goan Connection

You must have heard about the Goan connection and specially how happy they feel upon seeing each other or even when you hear Konkani distantly. Inadvertently you walk upon to that person with this broad smile and a question...tumi goychi? :)

In our society there is a lady who has been married into Goan family....the ancestral roots are in Goa. For specific reasons, I and she have not had cordial relation. One day I was super upset with the behavior she had put up and came back home almost grumbling about it. Baba was in Pune then and when he heard the reason and entire context of my interaction with her...he asked me....Goiche bare aame aasa....haav falya wharun tika diu? Khusshi jaatli!!

It is a different note that Baba always like to give. . but this thought of his must have originated from the Goan connection. He suggestion must have been to salvage the issues with tumi goychi...aami bi concept :)

Wish issues settled on such simple exchanges and connections!!